10 Reasons to Drink Beer

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Aside from the obvious answers to the question “Why Should I Drink Beer?” like: “because it tastes good” and “because why not?”, we found some very interesting information about drinking beer (in moderation)!

1 – Hearts and Minds
Drinking a couple beers a day for men (one for woman), helps reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes!

2 – Kidneys Enjoy It
Like coffee in the morning, beer is a diuretic, which in turn helps you eliminate many of the potential things that make kidney-stones.

3 – Just Say No….To Diabetes
As one source puts it “beer can effectively lower the blood pressure level of those who drink it. In fact, beer drinkers are 25% less likely to develop [diabetes] than non-drinkers.”

4- Whatʻs the Opposite of Pro-Oxidant? Anti-oxidants
Weʻre not sure that pro-oxidant is even a word, but we are sure of one thing, drinking a beer can raise the level of anti-oxidants in the blood, which in turn carries more oxygen throughout the body, thus better muscle activity and function!

5 – Blood Needs It (Well Needs Vitamin B6)
Beer is made up of many vitamins and minerals that the body needs! One in particular, Vitamin B6, is not found in wine or liquor and is important in the process of making hemoglobin (the red color in your blood!). This helps you maintain your blood sugar levels and helps carry oxygen around the body!

6 – Fat Free? Sounds Like a Winner
While on that health kick, we need to point on one thing…. while beer has carbohydrates, it is also FAT FREE! That means if youʻre trying to keep off the pounds while still enjoying a beverage or two, you can still have a beer and not get that guilty feeling!

7 – Lower Your Blood Pressure
According to a study done by Harvard, of 70,000 women, those who drank beer had lower blood pressure than those who consume wine or liquor.

8 – It Makes You Pretty… or Them
While weʻve all heard the term “beer goggles” we are not talking about that. We are talking about the fact that beer contains protein which in turn has the potential to make your skin and hair look more attractive!

9 – Itʻs Like A High Protein – Low Carb Diet… in a Can!
As we mentioned, beer generally has protein AND while not FREE of carbohydrates, is still on the lower end of the carb-filled drink spectrum. While not free of carbs, you can still maintain a goal of bringing in less carbs while still enjoying a beer (or two)!

10 – It Tastes Good (Ok Itʻs Obvious, but Oh, So True!)
This is pretty much the point of this list. We can tell you all day long about the health benefits of moderation, but overall, itʻs the taste that will grab your attention! Feel free to come by the Tasting Room to sample one of ours and be the judge!

While we do not claim to be doctors…. (well, except for the Doc himself…. ) we continue to ask you to drink responsibly whether for your health or for the sheer satisfaction of enjoying our smooth and delicious craft brews!


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  1. Taryn says

    Great blog! Dr. Fowler might have to object to some of those reasons! He said he can debate them over a cold glass of Humpback Blonde Ale!

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