Are You Craft Conscious?

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We are! We recently had the opportunity to get our fearless leader an interview with a new company, called Craft Conscious, that brings light to a common theme among craft brewers: sustainability and wordily consciousness! The team at Craft Conscious is working on a KICKSTARTER campaign to bring their message to the world!

Their goal with their kickstarted campaign is to bring all conscious brewers together:

“Passionate brewers and entrepreneurs are opening Craft Breweries all over the world. Consumers are in love with the variety and artisanship of a small scale crafted beer. Even your favorite uncle has a homebrew with dreams of taking his beer to consumers. Imagine a way all these passionate beer lovers could connect, swap advice, and learn from those currently on the cutting edge of the Craft Beer Industry…”

Check out the interview here:

Visit the team at Craft Conscious by clicking this link.

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign by clicking this link!

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