The Mehana BIG Game Party

Sunday February 7th 2016 1pm-6:30pm kickoff starts at 1:30

Private event tent with seating for 120+, 6 large screen TVs, half-time entertainment and games, signature Lava Lava Beach Club cocktails and Big Island brewed Mehana & Hawaii Nui Beer served all game long.

Buffet menu includes Build your Burger, Teriyaki Steak, Corn on the Cob and delicious dessert favorites including Mango Cobbler and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

$100 (PLUS TAX) PER TICKET, $1000 (PLUS TAX) FOR A PRIVATE TABLE FOR 8. Purchase tickets online at at Lava Lava Beach Club and at Mehana Brewery!!!

Tune In to KAPA Josh Pacheco will be giving out a Table for 8 tickets on his show!

Beer Recipe: Sunset Amber Ale Chicken with Rice

Cooking With Beer Chicken Rice Hawaii Nui Brewing
Weʻve been experimenting with different beer recipes for a while, from our Adult Pudding Cups to the ever popular Sunset Amber Ale Donuts and figured we should try another fun one with the Sunset Amber Ale. We actually found the recipe for Arroz Con Pollo (Rice with Chicken) on one of our favorite sites, This recipe is great for Hawaiiʻs weather because it combines our Sunset Amber Ale with a Hawaii staple, rice! Check it our for yourself and let us know what you think!

[Read more...]

Hawaii Business Magazine: Brewed and Bottled in Hawaii


Running a brewery is a tricky job, and when put to the task, Paul DeMare has definitely stepped up! Check out this article from November by Tiffany Hill in Hawaii Business Magazine called “Brewed and Bottle in Hawaii” for insight insight on what it takes to successfully run a brewery with two brands in Hawaii! [Read more...]

Beer Recipe: Sunset Amber Ale Donuts

Cooking With Beer Hawaii Nui Sunset Amber Ale Doughnuts

Beer for breakfast is not an unheard of concept (to us at least!!) but have you ever had beer doughnuts (donuts?). We found this recipe on and thought it would be awesome to try it with our Sunset Amber Ale! Adding some sugar and some cinnamon to the  top will give you a breakfast that ANY craft beer lover could get in to! [Read more...]

Beer Recipe: “Adult” Pudding Cups

Dirt Pudding Hawaii Nui Brewing

When we were thinking of something fun for another beer recipe, we thought “Is there any way to incorporate our beer into something in time for Halloween?”… Low and behold we found this recipe from Craft and had to try it out. The best part about this recipe is you can prepare it a few days in advance if necessary, so you donʻt have to impede on your beer drinking/Trick or Treating time!

While they suggested a chocolate stout, weʻre partial to the toffee flavor of our Southern Cross Double Red Ale.  The results were fantastic! Hereʻs what we did: [Read more...]

Navigating Perfection with Beer Can Chicken

Cooking With Beer Hawaii NuiBrewing

Welcome to the first in a series of fun beer-infused recipes!

Do you like our beer? Do you like chicken? Do you like chicken that tastes like itʻs been cooked with your favorite beer? Many recipes call for a standard American lager, but we thought it would be fun to spice it up a bit and use a craft beer that we love and that we know goes great with chicken – Kauai Golden Ale! Its smooth and refreshing citrus aroma go GREAT with chicken and other light dishes! [Read more...]