Hawaii Nui Cans are BPA FREE

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Canning Craft Beer Hawaii Nui Brewing
Most of us here in Hawaii already know that Hawaii Nui Brewing offers a delicious assortment of eco-friendly beers available in cans throughout the islands. Here are some facts we gathered for you foodies and environmentally conscious friends from the Ball Corporation that may help you warm up to the idea of drinking out of a can.

  1. HawaiiNui-Can-Sunset-BPAFreeOur cans are lined with out bisphenol A or BPA. When it comes to your health, bottom line number is not an issue but a moral and ethical one. We spend a little more to make sure our cans are lined with a water-based polymer to ensure no contact between the beer and the aluminum can. This means, no metallic contamination or flavor!
  2. Cans are impenetrable to light. No risk of light turning the beer undrinkable.
  3. Cans are portable. They can go anywhere you go!

SouthernCross_Canning-BPA-Free-CanWe made the decision to switch from bottles to cans, not just to keep our premium quality craft beers fresher but we also find it to be much more eco-friendly.

All of our craft beers are brewed and canned right here on Hawaii Island. Many local brewers craft and bottle their beers on the mainland and then have it shipped to Hawaii. Not us!

Many have debated as to whether it is more environmentally friendly to have cans or bottles. Here is what David Allaway, Policy and Program Analyst at Oregon Department of Environmental Quality says:

The break-even point is where you’re using more energy to transport your recyclables than you’re saving when the market uses those recycled materials. You want to ship those materials a shorter distance than the break-even points. Glass requires more energy to transport than aluminum does, but if you transport a ton of glass by rail (a common method) to get it recycled, you can transport it 9,000 miles before the emissions from fuel use by the railroad equal the benefit of getting that glass to a recycling plant. Even though glass has lowest benefit per ton you can still ship it 9,000 miles. By comparison, you can ship aluminum 450,000 miles by rail before you hit the break-even point. Again, the point is, don’t sweat collecting it, and don’t sweat transporting it.

To read more about the debate of cans and bottles, click here.

We brew all our craft beers locally. This means little transportation costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Cans are also more likely to be recycled.


To find out more information about our line of cans, feel free to visit the brewery OR contact us directly!

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