Navigating Perfection with Beer Can Chicken

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Cooking With Beer Hawaii NuiBrewing

Welcome to the first in a series of fun beer-infused recipes!

Do you like our beer? Do you like chicken? Do you like chicken that tastes like itʻs been cooked with your favorite beer? Many recipes call for a standard American lager, but we thought it would be fun to spice it up a bit and use a craft beer that we love and that we know goes great with chicken – Kauai Golden Ale! Its smooth and refreshing citrus aroma go GREAT with chicken and other light dishes!


  • 1    5(ish) pound whole chicken – giblets and neck removed
  • 1    6-pack Kauaʻi Golden Ale
  • 1   Cup of your favorite spice rub
  • 1    Onion wedge


  1. Rub 1/2 of your spices all over chicken, making sure to get every nook and cranny.
  2. Take one beer fron the 6 pack. Place remaining 5 beers in your cooler for consumption later.
  3. Open and drink half. (If you have a can opener, it helps to cut open the top fully to allow even moisture distribution.)
  4. Add the remaining spices to the can
  5. Place can in chickenʻs….cavity.
  6. Put your spice coated chicken on the grill.
  7. Jam onion wedge into the chickenʻs neck to seal it.
  8. Place the lid on.
  9. Wait for it to be done. (Depending on the size of your grill and position of the flame, time varies. )

Tips - 

  • Make sure the can fits BEFORE you start grilling. We wouldnʻt want you working your magic over an open flame!
  • Make sure the grill/oven you use is big enough to hold the chicken upright with a can in its cavity. A chicken that doesnʻt fit is just a spicy chicken with a can in its cavity.
  • Check that the bird is fully cooked before serving.
  • Whatever temperature you choose, make sure itʻs above boiling, otherwise, weʻre again stuck with a spicy chicken with a can in its cavity.

We modified this recipe for our needs, but youʻll probably find many other recipes out there! Whatʻs most important is that you do what works best for you. If you donʻt have a grill, an oven works and the process is about the same. If you donʻt have access to our brews…well youʻll need to come visit us at the brewery and remedy that!






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