Sustainability and Canning

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If National Public Radio (NPR) talks about it, it must be important, right? We couldn’t agree more!

Recently, they aired a short segment about the benefits and current trend of canned craft beers around the country.

HawaiiNui-HapaCansWe among the many breweries around the country who have starting canning their brews. It was our opinion that the advantages of canning far outweighed the disadvantages, in comparison, to bottles.

Not only are they lighter (easier for travel), they cool quicker, but also keep light from entering the beer which has the potential to greatly affect the taste and quality of the brew.

Whether you prefer our tall boys (both Southern Cross and Hapa) or prefer our 12 oz. cans, one thing is for certain, the quality of our brews is intact!

To hear the entire segment from NPR, click play!

Full Article “Brewers Have Been All Bottled Up, But Now They’re Canning It
by Lewis Wallce

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