Untappd: New Features

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UnTapped Hawaii Nui Brewing

We told you before that we really love the craft beer aficionado mobile application UnTappd for connecting us to our fans and fellow beer drinkers! Thing just got better!

We are now able to connect even easier due to some recent updates on the app! Now we can toast (their equivalent to “LIKE” ) and comment to anyone drinking our brews which is a HUGE difference since you had to have “liked” our brewery first in order for us to interact!

We just thought weʻd share because we enjoy seeing all of your Tweets, check-ins and toasts coming in from all over Hawaii and will now be able to interact a little easier!

If you have any questions, want to check out the app itself or just need more info, head over to the “Help” section on Untappd.com!

Check out the Hawaii Nui Brewing Company page on Untappd while you’re there!

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